Novel Of The Week - Divergent by Veronica Roth

Since the movie from which it's based on is about to hit the theatres this spring, I thought it could be convenient to read Divergent by Veronica Roth...

Here's the plot:
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After centuries of wars and conflicts, people decided to split into 5 factons: Abnegation, meant for people who think that those problems were caused by selfishness and they live with the only porpouse of helping others; Amity, meant for the peaceful; Candor, meant for the honest, and that means saying everything, even cruel things; Dauntless, meant for the brave; and Erudite, meant for the ones who seek knowledge.

The whole story is from Beatrice "Tris" Prior point of view. She's an Abnegant 16 years old girl and, even if she loves her family very much, she doesn't fit in her faction and wants more from her life. When boys and girls turn sixteen, they've to decide which faction to be part for the rest of their lives and for helping this decision, they take an aptitude test.
Tris results is "Divergent", someone who doesn't fit in only one category, and she's forced Tori, her tester, to keep the result for herself. 

The day after Tris, her brother Caleb and all the other initiates, go to the choosing Ceremony. Caleb (who has always been generous and helpfull) choose the Erudites and that makes Tris a bit more brave in choosing the Dauntless instead of the Abnegation faction.
To become an actual Dauntless, Tris and all the other initiates have to face 3 test: the first is learn fighting techniques and the using weapons, the second is to embrace your fears and defeat them. The third is a mix of the previous two, fighting your fears and win them in a simulation test.

Tris quickly becomes friends with Christina and, after, with Will and Al. She's warned about Peter, Drew and Molly, who are cruel and unscrupulous on hurting people (mentally and physically).
Their instructor is Four, a 18 years old boy who seems harsh and insensitive. He keeps on pushing people to do their best, threatening them with the worst punishments.

Life in the Dauntless faction's not how Tris pictured it and when her mother came visit her, she's a bit sad she left. But her mother came with a mission, Tris has to find a way to meet her brother and ask him to investigate on the sierum the factions use for the aptitude tests. She also says Tris to be strong and prepared because the worst is about to coming....

As I wrote up, I mainly read this novel because the movie is about to coming out. I really liked it, the world Veronica Roth describes is very imaginative, I like the whole story about the factions and how she outlines character's nature and behave.

If you enjoyed this novel as much as I did, stay tuned...I have something in mind, Divergent related!

My vote: 8/10

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