Today's Obsession : Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are not just simple earrings and I think we all noticed it! This year MET gala theme was "Punk in Fahion" and actresses and models showed their punk side adding to their look this mix between an earring and a chain.

Ear cuffs              Bijou Brigitte #Earcuff - Flower Branch
                                                                      Bijou Brigitte earcuff - click here           

                          Here's some link to websites that explain how to DIY earcuffs :

         from Honestly...WTF                     from Transient Expression
         from TiB                                        from Henry Happend

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Ana  Khouri Ear cuff


Celebrities loves ear cuff, in fact lots of them show as a complement
for a punk/rock look or for adding that "something" to a simple outfit.

Here we have Jennifer Lawrence,
Cara Delevigne, Diane Kruger, Nicole Richie and Rita Ora. 

Ear cuffs: Diane Kruger - 5 (© PNA SIPA Rex Features)                          

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