Novel of the Week - Death’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden


After I read Messenger's Angel I HAD TO start immediately Death's Angel because Azrael's character is my favourite. So here's Death’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden's plot :
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It's Gabriel and Juliette's wedding in the magical Aberdeen's landscapes. Azrael has been choosen as Gabriel's best man but he can't concentrate on any one or anything else than Juliette's maid of honor: Sophie Bryce.
By the time she walked down the aisle, he kwen she was his archess...

But when he fall on Earth, he turned into a vampire and as that he cannot stand in the sunlight. He became frontman of a famous underground rock band, all made of vampire like him.
Sophie Bryce has some trouble herself too. When she was a little girl, she moved from a foster family to another and has some terrible nightmare about cemeteries and deaths. But she is starting her new life in San Francisco, going to University thanks to a dance scholarship.

Azrael decided to go there too and starts courting Sophie, taking her on a dinnerdate after they "casually" met at a hockey game. This time there aren't only the angel's army who wants the archess for their own purposes, but also Sophie's demons of the past and Azrael is going to have hard times dealing with all of that...

Unfortunately, this novel was the most disappointing of the three so far. Everything was mixed together and not well defined. Too many events all combined one to another and some part weren't clear at all.
I hope that the last book will be stunning, but Azrael is and remains my favourite (if I hadn't made it clear enough!)

My vote : 6½/10

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