🎬 Movie Review: The Snowman

Harry Hole is a dective for the Oslo police department, but his alchool abuse makes it difficult for his sergent to give him the high profile cases he asks for. Not that it is a problem for Harry, who decides to help the department’s newbie detective Katrine Bratt with her investigation on a series of murders perpetrated on single or negligent moms.

It appears that a serial killer is targeting only single moms (or moms to be) that he consider bad moms and not worthy of such an important role. What's most disturbing isn't the motive, but how he kills them: cutting their troats and placing their heads on two big snowballs, making them the creepiest snow(wo)men. 
While on their investigations, Harry and Katrine cross their path with business man Arve Stop and his ambiguous 'friend' Dr.Vetlesen, whom seem to be involved in a not to clear series of abortions.

Like this isn't enought, Harry has an ex girlfriend, Rakel, and their relationship is messed up. They both can't move on from each other, but Rakel has another partner, Mathias, and Harry doesn't want to get back together, still he hangs close to them because he cares a lot about Rakel's son, Oleg.

Things start to turn difficult and dangerous for Harry and Katrine as they manage to put the puzzle pieces together and figure out who the serial killer is.

My Opinion👍👎
The story itself is good, the problems here are the endless moments of silence, wvwn if there are people in the scene, and the continuous change of year which, at the end of the 2 hours, is pretty confusing.
The actor aren't able to fully portray their characters feelings (or should I say demons?) and a few of the scenes are completely irrelevant to the main story, nor they even make sense...
Example: Harry Hole/Michael Fassebend arrives back into his appartament late at night and finds the mould man working with a really loud music on...Now, I've never been in Norway, but it can't be normal to find someone you don't know in your appartmant, at that time of the night!!

I know that adapting a best selling novel to make it an equal good movie must be challenging, but the parallel stories are mixed up and pointless, since they don't get their proper endings.

No, I'm sorry to say it, but this is a movie to avoid.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? I think it'd be better if you skip the movie, read the book if you're curious.

Ranking: 2/5

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