🎬 Movie Review: Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King not only is the strongest pro female tennis player, but she's also fighting for pay equality between men and women in this sport. A man earns almost 7 times more than a woman, but Billie Jean King and a group of other tennis players are no longer ok with it so, after a failed negotiation with tennis association administrators, Billie Jean has to keep her promise and starts a new 'all female' tennis tour, travelling for the promotion in different cities in the US.

Meanwhile Bobby Riggs, former number 1 player and gambling addict, is struggling with his life without tennis and competitions...so, one night, he comes up with an idea: a man vs woman tennis match and the female competitor has to be Billie Jean King. He's sure he will defeat her simply because he's a man and everybody knows man are better than women. Billie Jean first reject the project, but when Margaret Court, current number 1, accepts the match and badly loses against Bobby, Billie Jean will accept the challenge.

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The place choosen for the epic 'battle' (that's still one of the most watched sport event of all times) is the Houston Astrodome arena, in Texas and the tickets are sold out. Billie Jean King has been traning like hell, feeling the pressure to prove that women deserve the same rights as men, while Bobby Riggs has been fooling around, ditching practice for PR events and giving interviews.

I won't spoil the ending because you might haven't seen the movie and don't already know the results, but one thing is sure: beside all the entertainment show and the symbolic importance of the match, this has been tennis at its highest levels.

My Opinion👍👎
The first part of the movie focuses more on Billie Jean King's personal issues, her battle to understand her sexual orientation: she loves her husband (Larry King) very much, but also feels something for Marilyn Barnett, her hairdresser. This gives a double importance to the match Billie Jean has to play, but I feel like it also drag the attention away on the equality message.
The part of the match itself is interesting to watch and gives you goose bumps whenever Billie Jean or Bobby score a point
Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are marvelous, I would nominate them both for every movie award right away, they portray perfectly their characters and give us an outstading performance.

Alan Cumming is once again a majestic supporting character, the "fairygood father" / talking cricket for Billie Jean as someone who knows exactly the mixed feelings she's struggling with.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? I did pay the full prize ticket and haven't regret it!

Ranking: 4/5

Photo credits: impawards.com & thewalrus.ca

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