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Somewhere in the Balkans - 1995

Mambrù and B., two veterans AID workers, are disillusioned and with a humour darker than black. The newest memeber of their team, Sophie, on the other hand is an idealist and really wants to make the difference in in villages torn apart by Yugoslav wars. 
Their task for the day is to restore a water well, where a fat man drowned: they need to get the body out before the water gets contaminated, but the rope they use breaks...
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While B. and his translator look for a new rope, Mambrù and Sophie head to the UN headquarters, were they get orders to stop any kind of help to the locals: war is over, so they are not allowed to do anything, if not helping with demining. Mambrù also has to take war analyst Katya to the airport: the two are ex-lovers and it looks like they have quite a few things that still need to be discussed.

This is the start of their day-long journey to find a new rope, in an area where war is "officially" over, but that doesn't mean the operators are safe: rebels, landmines, UN's rigid rules, poverty and Mambrù ex-lover will make every effort twice as difficult.
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My Opinion👍👎
This is a war movie, no doubts. Its peculiarity is that you won't see a single bullet shot nor a human killing another human: nothing it's showed, all is implied. 
The surroundings are bare and desolated, everything reminds were you are and how horrible and critic the situation is. A simple thing like looking for a rope becomes almost an epic quest for gold. 
All being said, you may think this movie is dreary, depressing and negative at its best...prepare to be surprised because IT IS NOT: obviusly it's not funny like a comedy, but Mambrù and B's black humour is almost comforting and their willingness to help others (even if it's not completely disinterested) a spark for optimism.

To sum it up, you have to watch this movie! It's realistic, but not overwhelming and it's istructive, if you haven't got the chance to study contemporary history at school.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? I saw it on Tv, but I'd have definitely payed the full prize ticket to watch it at the cinema.

Ranking: 5

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