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Maddy is 18 years old and she has never left her house. She hasn't been grounded nor kidnapped, but sometimes she feels like so... She soffers of a rare disease known as SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency), which keeps her from joining the external world because it could possibly make her sick in critical ways.
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Maddy's mother (who's also her doctor) and Carla, her nurse from 15 years, are the only two people (along with Carla's daughter) allowed in the house with her and that, of course, makes Maddy feel lonely  and abandoned.
But Maddy's life is about to chance, as a family moves to the house next to Maddy's and the boy, Olly, starts to text her and doing everything to get to know her.
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This will cause discussions and pressions on Maddy's relationship with her mom, leading to Maddy and Olly's runaway. This decision could be fatal to Maddy, but without it, she would have never discover how strong she is, even if in a painful way...

My Opinion👍👎
I haven't read Nicola Yoon's novel so I can't make comparisons. Having said that, this movies has its pros, like a sweet love story and a great cast, but overall it left me completely half-hearted. The finale is way too obvious and predictable and the reasons that led the protagonist's mother do what she did were deducible from the first 10 minutes.
What I liked were the soundtrack and the scenographies: both gave rhythm and color to the movie...
Oh! Special mention goes to the actor playing the astronaut (yep, there's an astronaut!). Even though hes has the space helmet the whole time, I found him extremely expressive!

Would I pay the full prize ticket? No, it's not worthy paying the full prize!

Ranking: 2
¾ /5

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