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"People do weird things at weddings!"
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Eloise was suppoused to be maid of honor, but after being dumped by her boyfriend Teddy (and bride's brother) she's unsure on what to do...eventually, will decide to go anyway and she'll find herself relegated at Table 19. After having met the other guests at the table, she struggles to watch her ex with his new girfriend and will make herself protagonist of a series of tragicomics dialogues and events.
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The other guests are Bina and Jerry Kepp, a married couple (in crisis), Walter, bride's cousin and a really REALLY wierd person, Renzo, a young boy who was sent in behalf of his mother (who thought he had best chances to meet someone at the wedding rather than his school prom dance) and the bride's bubbly first nanny, Jo Flannagan.
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As Eloise will at some point explain to them, table 19 is for the unwanted/outcasts guests that have been invited out of cortesy, but shouldn't have come. Of course, they all infuriate and decide to leave the wedding and to hang out by their own.
That's when we find out some secrets and reasons why they decided to go at the wedding and the day turns in a new and unexpected way.
My Opinion👍👎
I loved it! The movie focuses on actual people, who have flaws and fears, they're weird and angry and all of them have secrets. Anna Kendrick's character meet a charming stranger while on her way to enter to the banquete and EVEN he is not who you think he shoul be.
This is a real life situation, where nothing is always black and white, but all shades of gray.
I'll admit it, there are a few scenes that add nothing to the story (if not that "I know how this is going to end, I can not watch!"  kind of embarrassment) and the movie itself proceeds slowly, but it's funny and I came out of the cinema really satisfied I saw it!

Would I pay the full prize ticket? I went with my mom and sister, I have the membership card so I payed 2 discount tickets and only one full priced. I don't regret spending those money, at all!

Ranking: 4½/5

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