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Based on the same name novel by Juliette Lewis and Emily Meade, respectively the protagonist's mother and bff.

Venus "Vee" Delmonico is a senior student in high school, a very skilled photographer that has been accepted in art college in California, but is also very introvert, insicure, being a "watcher" of her own life, so she ends up doing what other people want her to.
After Vee's best friends embarrasses her in front of the boy she likes, Vee decides to join a new online game, Nerve: it's basically a series of dares, the more you complete the more money you make, until there's only one player...
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The dares start with something simple, in Vee's case, kissing a stranger for a 5 seconds or trying on dresses, but the more you advance in the game the more difficult, scary and illegal these dares become. 
You'd say "it's just a game, I can quit whenever I want!"....not that easy!

My Opinion👍👎
I had no expectations for this movie, I thought it was going to be an easy way to "escape" reality for a couple of hours and it was. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but it's nothing special
Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are amazing, the story is captivating and has no "yawn moments". I'd recommend it for those Saturday nights where you have no ideas on what to do and for those who like social networks/online games theme movies. 

Would I pay the full prize ticket? No, but if you have discount codes/free tickets, I'd totally go for it!

Ranking: 2¾/5

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