Novel Of The Week: Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire

Here I am, ready to share my opinion on the "Maddox Brothers" final book. It's no secret Tyler is my favourite twin (and possibly favourite character) a matter of fact I made sure to point it up every chance I got during the past reviews. So let's jump into it: here's my review and thoughts on Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire.
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Ellison "Ellie" Edson is, by her own words, a "disfunctional selfish b***h". Her status as heiress of a technology empire is suppose to open every door for her, help her to become whatever she wants...instead, she's a party girl, with no regards of anyone's feelings nor of the consequences of her actions. During a rave party in her family's chateau in Estes Park, high on both alcohol and drugs, Ellie meets Tyler Maddox and it's immediate attraction...but after a quick rendez vous Ellie gets bored and kicks him away.

After that night, Ellie's parents decide to froze her trust fund and force her to find a job, hoping that will make her grow up. Ellie becomes first a secretary for a local magazine, but soon she's promoted to photo reporter since she's a talented photographer. Her first assignement is to follow the local Alpine Hotshots firefighter...and guess who's one of them? Tyler Maddox, of course!

But Ellie's alcholism problem is worse than expected and she keeps falling into old habits and, also thanks to bad friendships, ends up doing something that could ruin hte relationship with her sister Finley. Her ups and downs moment have just one costant: Tyler is always by her side. He can see the good in her and is willing to fight for her, even when she's her own worst enemy.

What I liked
This last dowel of the series has detailed and engaging descriptions of Ellie's experiences with the firefighters while on duty. And FINALLY! a Maddox that points out that the reasons Ellie is using to push him away are nonsense! Oh, and Tyler is the funniest of all brothers.

What I did not like
I couldn't stand Ellie's behaviour for a full 3/4 of the book; she's the only girl in the series who hasn't a difficult/non existent familiar situation and has all the possibilities she could ask for and yet she decided to destroy herself over and over. But her is not a completely negative character: she's a skilled photographer and the Alpines love her like one of the crew...her efforts may be not 100% convinced, but she's honest about her quit drinking and eventually she finds the strength to ask for help.

This series is a flowing reading,but stories, dialogues and situations are entertaining, heart melting and warming. If you read my "Beautiful Sacrifice" review then you'll remember I wasn't enthusiast about it and hoped that this last novel would have been better...well, it is!
"Beautiful Burn" is the perfect ending of the Maddox guys' world and, if I had to choose, I would say that Trenton and Tyler's books are my favourite!

My vote: 8¾ /10

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