Cure it with Movies: Becoming a Nanny

We all had, at some point in our life, a baby sitter. Whether we liked it or not and no matter for how long we beg our parents, saying that we were "old enough to take care of ourselves and be left home alone" we had this person coming into our home and lives.

My personal esperience was super positive and, since there were 3 children in my family, we had a few nannies and all of them were amazing people. 

So if you're about to become a nanny, maybe just as a summertime job or longer, you maybe would want to watch this list of movies (and a TV series) as inspiration.


Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins (1964 Movie) Original Poster - my favorite!
Ok, Mary Poppins was an obvious choice. world's most famous nanny was born by  Pamela L. Travers' pen in 1934 and inspired the famous Disney's movie, a musical and has 7 "sequel" with her as protagonist.
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The Sound of Music
great list of 100 top movies for kids
Julie Andrews not only portayed one nanny, but two! In this movie (shooted after Mary Poppins) is Mary, a girl who's about to become a nun, but can't follow the strict rules of the convent and so is sent to be governess in a house where a widower former Marine commander lives with his seven children.

Corinna, Corrina
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A newly widower father hires a sassy nanny for her young daughter Molly, who has hard times facing her mother death. Both father and daughter's lives are about to be distorted by the increbible cheerfulness that Corrina brought.

Like Sunday, Like Rain
Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Like Sunday, Like Rain
Leighton Meester plays a young woman who hasn't figured out what she wants from her future yet and ends up being a full time nanny of a boy neglected by his mother, all focused by her career.

The Nanny Diaries
The Nanny Diaries Movie Poster
Scarlett Johanson plays a girl that has just earned a PhD in Anthropology and ends up to work as a nanny for a Upper East Side' family and finds out that it's true that "money can't buy you happiness"

The Nanny (1993-1999)
All the '90ies kids must have seen at least one episode of probabily Tv's most famous nanny: Fran Fine! Always happy, optimistic and ready to joke, she took care of the children of a British widower. Almost fun as Fran were these secondary characters: Niles the butler, my personal favourite, and Fran's two aunts, Sylvia Fine and Yetta Rosenberg, hilarious!

So what do you think, do have any other movie to add to the list?

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