Novel Of The Week - Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

Years ago I read "P.S I love You" and thought it was an excellent start for a young Irish author with a very difficult surname to pronounce (at least, for me!)
So I decided to read her second novel (since the movie's about to coming out this year) Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern.

Here's the plot :
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Rosie and Alex are Dubliners, friends since they were 5 years old and their story is narrated exclusively by the e-mails, letters, texts, chats and greeting cards that the two protagonists exchanged during their entire lives. This novel belongs to the "epistolary genre" and starts with the first message (grammatically incorrect) from Rosie to Alex for her 7th birthday party.

And on like this, from the first fight when they are sixteen to Rosie's letters to her sister Stephanie (who's in France "finding herself") saying that Alex has a new girlfriend and she feels left behind.
The e-mails and texts when Alex finally breacks up with her and everything goes back to normality....until Alex finds out he has to move to Boston thanks to his father work.

Rosie and Alex's mothers exchange of letters saying that their children miss each other very much and the happiness that Rosie feels knowing that Alex will be back home for be her date to the school prom. The anger she feels when Alex calls her saying he can't make it.

Going through unexpected pregnancies, unhappy love and betrayals, Roie's boring and unsatisfying works but also new ans helpfull friends, sisters and brothers who stand by your side and always have to say how proud they are. How difficult it is to grow up and taking care of others....
Unexpected losses and even more unexpected come backs, for a novel that seems to have it all!

A plause for the supporting roles of Rosie's friend Ruby and her friends from a webchat, which are sensational, funny, witty and extremely supportive.
I'm not fan of the "epistolary genre", but this novel is well written and I enjoyed it really much...even if at some points I found it a bit boring.

My vote: 8/10


  1. When you commented on my blog and mentioned this I was confused by the title for a minute! I remembered that I've been debating picking it up but I forgot somehow that this is Love, Rosie! I watched the movie and I really enjoyed it, though I was very angry at the characters at some parts. I'm hesitant about the book because I'm not sure I'd be able to tolerate all the frustration. At the same time I know that emotional and character driven novels like this will never have the same effect on the big screen as they had in a book.
    Lovely review. :)

    1. Thank you =) I watched the movie too and I found it a good adaptation of the book version( of course there are little changes). Belive me, this book won't disappoint you!