Novel Of The Week - The Selection by Kiera Cass

You know me for a whie now so you're well aware that I mainly decide to read a book basing my decision on two factors: title and book cover design.
This time was no different and, seeing the cover up here, you can easily guess why I decided to read The Selection by Kiera Cass

Here's the story (SPOILER ALLEART):
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Years after World War 4, Countries are divided into castes from 1 (the Royal family) to 8 (the poorest). Not only, the future kingdom of Illéa's queen is choose via a Selection, a reality show where 35 girls from all over the kingdom are picked to be presented at the Palace and during the time they're there the handsome Prince Maxon is going to choose his future bride.

Is in this scenario that we get to know America Singer. She and her family are from caste number 5 (the artists): they are singers, painters and musicians. They have some struggle putting together lunch and dinner, so when the Selection starts, America's mother wants her to sign in. But America doesn't want to, because she already has a boyfriend, Aspen, but he's from a lower caste and her family wouldn't approve, so it's a secret relationship. 
After a fight, one night, Aspen broke up with America and insists that she enters the contest. She still doesn't want to, but all participants' families would be rewarded for the entire time thier daughters are away and her family could use those extra money...America has no choise and apply for the Selection.

Still heartbroken, America is beyond surprise that she have been choosen to compete. She leaves immediately her hometown and goes to live at the Royal Palace along with the other 34 girls. She'll stay there until a new bride for Prince Maxon is chosen. 
All contestants will be teach about history, politics and how to behave in public events, due to the fact that one of them will actually put into practice what she had learned.

Life at the Palace isn't that easy either...America made some friends but also some enemies, girls who see her as a threat to their success and are try to make her life at court a real hell!
She's one of Prince Maxon favourites, even if she told him that she just broke up with someone and she's not ready for another relationship yet and propose Maxon to be his friend and suggests him the girls she thinks could be great queens.

After rebels attacked the Palace for the second time, Maxon decided to send the a huge part of the contestants home...At the end, the girls remain in 6. In order to protect them, a whole new bunch of guards arrived as reinforcement and among them there's Aspen! So America has to face her feelings for Aspen and Maxon, the rebels issue and trying not to let the other girls succeed in sending her home....

I liked the idea of a dystopian world and the current trend of making reality shows out of everything, but the realization of this project was too hasty! America's character is also a bit difficult to moment she's so kind and gentle the moment after is a bit bitchy....
In conclusion, I liked this novel but I'm not excited about it!

My vote : 6½/10

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