Novel of the Week - Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon

                                                           If you love dogs and romance novels, Lost dogs and Lonely hearts by Lucy Dillon is the one for you!!

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Rachel’s day couldn’t be worst: she lost her job and broke up with her boyfriend  (who was married and also her boss). Surprisingly she finds out that her eccentric aunt Dot left her a kennel and with it a few dogs looking for a home. There’s also Gem, aunt Dot’s border collie, who was suspicious at first, but then started to get along with her.

The kennel is in the countryside and Rachel isn’t prepared to the hard physical work, PLUS she tries to fix the sheletr's financial problems and finding a home for the dogs. Thankfully there’re a bunch of volunteers and aunt Dot’s assistent to help. But the story is not only Rachel’s, but Natalie’s and Zoe’s as well.

Natalie married her longtime love, Jhon, and wanted to start a family…unfortunately they don’t succeed and Natalie found in Bertie, a playful bassethound, a new hope.

Zoe is a divorced mum of two. As her children came home from a week end with their dad, she finds out he bought them a labrador puppy, who very energetic and Zoe can’t handle it.

The life and stories of these three women came together thanks to Dot’s kennel and they find in one another the strength to face problems and overcome them.

I love animals and especially dogs so of course I loved this novel as well. Lucy Dillon has an unique way to write and describe characters and situations.

My vote : 10/10

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