2020 Summer Olympic Games in....Tokyo!!!

Saturday, September 7th - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The C.I.O declared that Tokyo, Japan will be hosting the XXXII edition of the Olympics. The defeated city were Madrid (Spain) because of the hard economic crisis and Istanbul (Turkey) mainly because of the Syria's war and the latest riots that took place in Taksim Meydanı (Taksim Square).

Olimpiadi 2020 a Tokyo: eliminate Istanbul e Madrid, battute dalle “loro” crisi

Japanese Princess Takamado and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe where in Buenos Aires and celebrate the good news. For Istanbul was the fifth nomination, Madrid hoped that hosting the Olympic Games could had helped going through the difficulties that the economic crisis brought.

The C.I.O tought that Tokyo was a good choice because they transformed the tsunami and earthquake tragedy in an opportunity for the reconstruction of country.
Sunday, after hearing the news, citizens form a giant ‘thank you’ at the Tokyo Municipal Government office square. It will be the second time the city has hosted summer games after the one in 1964. Now is the first Asian country who have hosted the Olympics twice. 

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