Roadtrip Monte-Carlo/Paris THE FINALE

Having said that I dindn't want that to be our last day in Paris, unfurtunately we were at the end of our holiday...

Last day in Paris, May, 4th : we had a quick breakfast in hotel than we took the subway, direction Pigalle. There we went to the famous Moulin Rouge! I'm a terrible dancer and even more terrible in the ancient art of flirting, but when I got there I really wanted to get in there and start dancing can-can and burlesque. Thank God I'm also a bit coward plus we had so much to do and seeing, I wouldnt have the time anyway!! 

After that, we found ourselves again in the subway, this time our direction was to the ONE AND OLNY, the magnificent Tour Eiffel!!
Paris' symbol stood there, massive and huge as I remembered it. After a lot of pictures with or without me in it, we walked trough pont Alexandre III and began the secondo part of our!!!

We are young girls in one of the european fashion's capitals, you really belived we wouldn't have some shopping? Not for one second, I hope!

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We walked almost everywhere there was a shop and end up (coincidence?) in Place Vendôme. All the streets there are luxury shops so we could only watch the windows. Walking a bit we found a cute and not so expensive shop called "...& other stories", they had some pretty stuff, me and Silvia almost run into and check every clothes they had!

View from Pont Alexandre III

Our last parisian momumnet was the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. We wanted to climb to the top, but we arrived late so we only had the chance to visit the inside. 

Notre Dame famous window

Notre Dame view from behind during sunset
Last stop of the day was a library. I love them and I love William Shakespeare, so when I found out there was a library called "Shakespeare & Co. library" I dragged Silvia along all the Seine to find it. And I did! I was excited and asked Silvia to bury me there when I die.
It's vey folkloristic and tiny, with books everywhere! We spent probably 1 hour inside it, I didn't want to leave...

Unfortunately our time in Paris was over. We really enjoyed there and hopefully we'll come back very soon...
I can only finish with PARIS JE T'AIME!!!!

Song of the Day : La vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong (this was the first song we heard on our way back, it was  bright Sunday morning and all the streets were was as magical as only Paris can be!)

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