🌍 Discovering Italy: 2012 New Year's Eve in Rome

I’m an Italian student so I really couldn’t start a this blog talking about anything else but the beautiful capital of my country, i.d Rome.
I spent  last new year’s eve in this splendid city with a friend of mine and the first thing I’ve noticed was the weather.  It was December, 30th and there were people walking around in t-shirts!
We arrieved in the afternoon from Verona, changing train in Bologna and from there, it took less than 2 hours and a half to arrive at Roma Termini station, the biggest train station in the city. 

We booked online a room with two beds in a hotel 5 minutes walking from the station, Hotel Papa Germano. It was easy to find and the receptionist was so kind and helpful. We unpacked our bags and went out for dinner in a vey cute tavern nearby. 

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Day 1 : December 31st,2012 New Year’s Eve!!!! 
We took the subway and went straight to the most famous monument in Rome : the Colusseum.  
As usual, it was breathtaking. We went for breakfast and then the Roman city-tour had began! 
I heard  once that “the best way to truly visit a city is to get lost in it” and it suits perfectly for Rome, this city is really an outdoor museum. After that, we went to the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland) , an amazing giant monument  built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of unified Italy. And in front of it, there’s  Via del Corso, a long road known for its shops and boutiques, we enjoyed some window-shopping.                                                                                                                                                                
We went to the Fontana di Trevi (famous is the scene from the movie “La bella vita”, where Anita Ekberg baths into the fountain). It’s imponent and always surrounded by turists. Legend says that if you throw a coin in it, you’ll come back in Rome in future. So OF COURSE I threw it, adding a little wish as well. 
It was almost midday when we arrived in Via Condotti, with all its chic and luxury shops. At the end of the street there’s my personal favourite monument above all in Rome, Piazza di Spagna. It’s a big monumental stairway which ends with a church called Trinità dei Monti. Sometimes when fashion designers want a suggestive catwalk, they choose Piazza di Spagna. Not far from there, a little tea house, named ”Babington’s”, where you can have all sorts of tea from around the world. It’s a bit expensive, but certainly worth a break once. 
Piazza di Spagna
The Colusseum
Fontana di Trevi
My friend and I didn’t have anything planned for the evening and started to worry that New Year’s Eve could end up a disaster. We got back in our hotel and asked to our polite receptionist if he could help us. He said that at the Altare della Patria there was going to be a free concert with a few famous artists. So we decided to celebrate midnight in Piazza di Spagna and then go to the concert. When we got to our room, we found two bottles of champagne waiting for us, as a gift from our splendid hotel.  We couldn’t even finish the first one, but we really appreciate the gesture.  We had dinner in a Steack House close to our hotel and, even if I’m vegetarian, I ate some pasta and a dessert that was to die for.
We took the subway from Roma Termini to Piazza di  Spagna and I have to report TWO positive things: first, the ride was free and there were not so many people, but that’s probabily beacause it was 10 minute to midnight and an organized person would have been there by time. But I’m a risky, and I’m so proud to say that we made it before midnight!  For celebrating, people all over Piazza di Spagna were kissing, hugging and tuning on some fireworks and a few lanternes flew up in the sky. Going to the Altare della Patria was quite a walk because there were so many drunk people stopping you and wishing you happy new year. But when we arrived it was so cool. Mario Biondo was singng  and the it was the turn of a famous italian rapper, J-Ax. My friend was LITERALLY jumping up and down while he was singing.
The funny (or tragic, it depends by the point of view) was when we found out that at 2 a.m the subway was closed and taking a cab or a bus was a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. So we walked for 30 minutes in high heels to our hotel and at one point I really tought my feet were going to stop walking.  At 4 a.m we finally arrived and went sleeping.

Day Two : January, 1st 2013!!
We woke up at almost 2 p.m  and , still a bit sleepy, we went out for our day 2.  We ate something while walking alongside the Tevere, the river that flow through Rome. It was a sunny day and we decided to go visiting the Vatican. You can feel  there’s something spiritual walking down Via della Conciliazione and getting in Piazza San Pietro I really felt the beauty and the hope and trust that millions of people have in God. Then we continued walking beside the Tevere and arrived at the Isola Tiberina, which is a small island in the Tevere connected  by two brigdes. There’s a hospital on this island and in less than 5 minutes you can walk aroud all of it. It was 8 p.m when we decided to go have dinner in a restaurant not far. 
The next day we had aour train at 10.30 a.m, so we decided to have breakfast in a bar in the station.  In conclusion, it was a fun 2 days in Rome, Roman are simply the funniest  people on Earth, so loudly, kind and helpfull. I hope I can come back soon, because there’s so much else to see.

While walking around

the Tevere
Basilica di San Pietro
beautiful sunset near Vatican city

I’ll leave you with the Song of the day which fit with the fun and happy time we had in Rome:
Classic by MKTO

Link for Papa Germano Hotel : http://www.hotelpapagermano.com/

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