๐ŸŽ„ Novel of the Week [Christmas Edition]: Covent Garden in the Snow by Jules Wake

Hello and happy Monday everyone! I'm so sorry for missing yesterday's appointment with Christmas themed novels but, ironically, I've been busy...buying Christmas gifts!
So this week is going to have two books reviews, let's jump into the first (very British) one!

Matilde 'Tilly' Hunter is a talented make-up artist working for the London Metropolitan Opera Company, but she's also a danger whenever she finds herself nearby a computer: because of her naivety she opens a malware that almost shut down the entire Opera network. Thankfully, IT department new director, Marcus Walker, was able to contain the problem. 
In order to make Tilly more responsible and mature, her boss Alison Kreufeld obliges her to work along with Marcus to make LMOC more 21th century and up-to-date with the new technologies.

Tilly is forced to accept, a promotion for an important job opportunity is on the line...

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ŽMy Thoughts
I adored how British the characters are, making them say 'bloody this' and 'bloody that' every other line! I also liked the description of the work behind the stage done by all the departments, I really felt the hectic atmospheres and the how much the protagonist loves her work, even if her parents disapprove.
The story is humorous, a bit unrealistic give Tilly's inability with PCs (which modern-day girl does not know how to use a computer?) but overall it has been the perfect companion to spend a December Sunday afternoon with!
I'd suggest it to London lovers and for all of those who want a read that will leave a smile on their face. 

My vote: 8/10

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