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Being a personal assistant could be a dream job or your worst nightmare...it mainly depends on your employer and whether or not he/she has impossible task for you to fullfil. But if you deal with it with humor and focusing on the positive aspects, nothing can be that bad! Like these women (and man) did...

Gosthbuster (1984) - Janine Melnitz vs  Kevin 
(2016 reboot)
In the original movie, Janine is the only girl in the Ghostbuster group, she's careless and wears the most enormous pair of glasses I've ever seen. In the 2016 reboot we have a male secretary, played by Chris Hemsworth and he's so dumb and stupid, but also so nice to look at...and that's exactly why he got the job!

Working Girl (1988) - Tess McGill

This is some kind of 'manifesto' for working women that don't accept the status quo and what to improve themselves and to do something they're passionate about. The protagonist starts as an ordinary secretary, but manages to get to the top of her career and, after many vicissitudes, she affirms herself for what she is: much more than just a secretery.

Sabrina (1995) - Mack

Linus Larrabee secretary Mack (portrayed by a magnificent Dana Ivey) is a funny, efficient and beyond sarcastic secretary, ready to fullfil any request for Larrabee with her unique sense of humor.

The Kid (2000) - Janet

Lily Tomlin plays Bruce Willis hilarious assistent, it's her that has to deal with all his appointments and his strange behaviour from the moment his 8 year old version shows up. She's asked in the middle of the night to find out why sometimes the moon becomes a bit reddish.
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Fun fact: Dana Ivey appears in this movie, not as a secretary, but as Bruce Willis' character's psychologist.

The Secretary (2002) - Lee Holloway
This movie has been presented during Sundace Film Festival so it's not your average "secretary-boss" love affair, but something more complicated, given the complexity of mental health of both the boss and secretary. But it's a nice story, a movie I will recommend.

The Devil wears Prada (2006) - Andrea Sachs

Probably the most famous 2nd assistant in cinema history: Andrea has to submit to Amanda Priestley's wide range of requests, mostly of them nearly impossible to achieve (read Harry Potter unpublished book) and asked with the shortes amount of infos, like "Where's the piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning?". And we all thought Tom Cruise had "missions impossible" to accomplish.

The Intern (2015) - Ben Whittaker

Getting bore about his retirement, a 70 years old man decides to get back to work and has to start like most of new emplyees these days: with an internship. Ben slowly becomes indispensable just by being himself and having a serene and calm attitude.

The Other Woman (2014) - Lydia

Portrayed by rap singer Nicki Minaj, Lydia is everything you DON'T want in a secretary: lazy, disinterested and self-absorbed...She's more interested in her boss personal life than doing her job. But comes up with humorous questions! 
Same kind of secretary in the 2016 French movie "Up for Love" 

Wonder Woman (2017) - Etta Candy

Filled with British humor, I actually don't know much about her (Wonder Woman movie is set to come out in theaters the 1st of June) but frome the clips and trailers one thing I'm already sure: I like her!


Ugly Betty (2006/2014) - Betty Suarez
The Tv version of "Devil wears Prada" followed the adventures of a Mexican American young lady, Betty, who becomes personal assistant of Daniel Meade, chief editor of MODE, a fashion magazine. She's not pretty nor stylish, but she's smart and compassionate, plus she'll learn to assert her ideas.
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Suits (2011) - Donna Paulsen
She's more than a simple secretary for Harvey Specter. Donna is like his partner in crime, his confidant and best friend. Just watch the clip below, it explains everything you need to know about Donna. One word to describe her? Multi-tasking! And always in killer outfits!

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