🎄Novel Of The Week [Christmas Edition]: Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey

Christmas is a few days away folks! Just in time to read the novel I'll be reviewing today, because it's an easy and light read...Enjoy my review and thoughts of Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey.
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Alexandra "Alex" Munro didn't have to think twice when she was offered a position as harbor master in Cornish seaside town of Poldore...What a better occasion to leave Scotland after confessing to her best friend Marcus she loved him, ending up with her heart broken and discovering that her own father has been keeping a secret for nearly her entire life?

After a funny misunderstanding with Poldore's major, an unwanted new furry housemate and definitely the worst start with Ruan Thorne, Poldore's stubborn and curmudgeon tour guide, Alex begins to act more like she always should have and feels she's finally where she was supposed to be...

She befriends with Lucy, the good-natured and kind pub girl and even gets a part in the portraying of the Nativity for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Everyone welcome Alex immediately, but is when Alex starts to think everything is on tracks that her world turns upside down...again!

Her best friend Marcus comes all way down from Scotland to set things right between them, but he's not the only person from Alex's past that wants to be part of her future...

What I liked 👍
Alex's flashbacks on who she managed to find the courage to tell Marcus about how she felt about him look like an episode of  MTV's series "Friendzone"! They're 60% comic and 40% tragic, and I simply loved them! Plus this novel is a plot twist continuous (some more predictable than others!) and a special mention goes to Buoy, whom demonstrated himself to be really humans' best friend!

What I did not like👎
It is supposed to be a Christmas novel, but I found a lack of festive mood...If it wasn't for the count down at the start of every chapter and Sue's organization of the Nativy, it would have seemed simply a cold month, not Christmas time!

My Vote: 6
¾ /10

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