Movie Review: In Guerra per Amore (In War For Love)

I'm pretty sure this is my first review of an Italian movie...well, better later than never right?

New York, 1943.

A young emigrant from Sicily, Arturo Giammaresi, loves and is loved by a beautiful Italian girl, Flora. The only obstacle to their romance is Flora's uncle, who decided to give her in marriage to Carmelo, son of a powerful mob boss.
Anyway, Flora is sure that if Arturo will ask her father for her hand, she won't have to marry Carmelo and they'll be together. The catch is that Flora's family is still in Sicily...where Worl War II is bursting more than ever, after the USA joined it.
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Because of (or thanks to?) a funny casuality, Arturo finds a way to get to Sicily: joining the American liberation army. While on duty, he meets lieutenant Philip Chiamparino, an honorable and honest man, who got in the army to serve his beloved country and to help for an higher purpose.

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Meanwhile he's looking for Flora's father, Arturo gets to know better the people from the village they're staying in: there's a young boy, and his mom, hopeful that his dad will be back soon. 
The duplicitous and ambiguous most powerful man in town whom, thanks an agreement with the US government, will able to release some of his men from prison and put them in charge of important political offices.

And then he meets the strangest and most tragicomic duo ever: Mimmo and Saro, one is blind and the other cripple, but these two are the ones who'll help Arturo to find Flora's family. 
Arturo is so focused in reaching them that he doesn't notice that despicable and dishonest men are gaining more and more power...

My Opinion
I got off the movie theatre completely shocked: for 3/4 the film has light tones, is a typical Italian bittersweet comedy, but then, the lasts 10 minutes, BAM! it changes, becoming way more profound and dealing with serious themed like the rise of Mafia in Sicily.
The director pictured life at the time just the way it was, he didn't semplified it or made it more appealing and that's the big "pro" of this movie.

Raking: 3/5

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