Movie Review: The Longest Ride

I’ve decided to proclame this week Nicholas Spark’s week here on the blog! 
With no reason, since there’s no movie/book coming out soon, but I’ve lately finished reading “The Choice” and saw “The Longest Ride” so I thought: why not?

And we are going to start right with the movie “The Longest Ride”, currently in movie theatres (at least here in Italy). 

The Longest Ride (2015) diected by  George Tillman Jr. With Scott EastwoodBritt RobertsonAlan Alda, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, Lolita Davidovich and Melissa Benoist.

I’ve seen it with my sister, which is no news if it wasn’t that it was the first time we saw a Nicholas Spark’s movie where I didn’t read the book and she did. Outrageous!!

As in all movies of this author, the scenography and the soundtrack were outstanding. I loved them! 
Needless to say it, the movies is set in....Nord Carolina, yeah!!
But you can read my opinions right after a brief plot!

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Sophia Danko is a diligent college student, focused on finishing her studies and starting her dream job: working in an art gallery. She already got an internship in New York as soon as she graduates, so any kind of relatioship is not a priority.
And yet she gets persuaded by her friend Marcia to go with her to a rodeo; there she’ll met Luke Collins, a real cowboy: old fashioned and polite, the connection between them is undeniable, but their relationship could be a complicated one.

Luke is riding back Sophia to her college flat after their first (and probably last) date, when a downpour breaks through and they find a car that has broken through the guard rail. 
An old man is stuck in there and the couple is able to rescue him and take him to the nearest hospital, where Sophia volunteers on waiting him to wake up. Eventually he does and we get to know his name: Ira Levinson.

Sophia starts to pay him some visits and during that time she understand why Ira asked her to take a basket full of hand written letters from his car, when she and Luke helped him: those are love letters Ira wrote to his (late) wife Ruth, during their life together and he agrees when Sophia says she could read them to him. 
Those letters are an remembrance of Ira and Ruth’s life together, filled with joy and happy moments as well as sad ones.

My opinion

If you think you know how this is going to end, let me assure you one thing: you don't! 
This movie is emotional (let me just add that in the movie room a few girls sobbed during the finale!), witty and as I previously wrote, with amazing soundtracks and breathtaking schenographies! 
This is probably one of the best movies based on Nicholas Sparks' novels, it really worth the movie ticket!

Raking : 4/5

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