Celebrities Love....Lokai bracelet

I wanted to do a meanigful post for this Christmas Eve and I think the story behid this bracelet is perfect for the task! 

Steven Izen, founder of Lokai, had the idea of combining the elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth basing the choice from his personal experinces - in the white bead there's the water from Mount Everest and it represents thetime when he felt he was so blessed (on the top of the world) for where he was in his life...but in the same period he was informed his beloved grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he felt so unhappy and sad, so the black bead has in its inside the mud from the Dead Sea (the lowest point of his life).

These two beads combined with in a circular bracelets means that of course in life you'll going throu bad and good times, but you have to stay positive and hopeful!
As you read in the title, some celebrities who love the meaning of the bracelet and showed it of in some selfies. Bella Thorne, Ashley Greene, Julianne Hough, Shay Mitchell, Alessandra Ambrosio and Giuliana Rancic are just a few of them....

So, what you think about this bracelet?

In the meantime I wish you all a Merry and Serene Christmas!

Photo credits: mylokai.com - except Ashley Greene's on JustJared

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