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Two Night Stand (2014) by Max Nichols. With Miles TellerAnaleigh TiptonJessica Szohr and Scott Mescudi.

Do you remember early this year that amazing snow storm that hit the U.S, causing many inconveniences like closed streets and flights canceled, not mentioning other tragedies?
Well...have you ever thought how would have been like if you ended up stuck with a complete stranger, after the only time you do something "rebellious"?

I love how Miles Teller is working hard trying to make us forget his as***** character Peter (in the Divergent saga) by taking parts in commedies like this and in "That Akward Moment". 
You nearly made it, Miles!

Here's the story (SPOILER ALLEART!):
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Megan can't belive (and won't deal) that her life changed so drastically in just one year: she was engaged with a super cute guy and ended pre-med school. Now she's single and doesn't know what to do next, except staying all day long in her best friend Faiza apartament in pajamas! 

Faiza is sick and tired of the situation and "forces" Megan to go out with her and her boyfriend Cedric, but when Megan stepped into her ex boyfriend, turns back and goes home. 
Megan previously subscribed (without much convinction) on a dating site, so when gets back home decides to try the "one night stand" that Faiza suggested her to have! 
After a couple of funny "nope!" she starts a videochat with Alec and after a while decides to reach his appartament...

Megan wakes up the next morning and tries to sneak out noiselessly, but she's a bit goofy and makes the allarm start! Alec turns it off and asks Megan if she usually stays for breakfast or just leave. Obviously, she feels judged, argues with Alec and leaves furiously.

Reaches the flat's front door, but...she can't open it! During nighttime an heavy snow storm hit the city and covered everything with layers on layers of white snow!

Megan and Alec have no options, beside spent the next 2 days stuck in his appartament together and that's when they decide to give each other dating and romantic advices. 
They start having fun, but just when everything seems to go in the right way Megan finds out that Alec hided something from her and leaves...
Back to Faiza's appartament, she and Cedric ask Megan when she will move out because they loved having the house for they own for a few days...Megan thought this day might come and says she will come back to her parents' after New Years eve, which she will spend in...
Do you want to know where? WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

It's a pretty good movie, I liked how it faces an issues like "one night stand" with humor, without diminish neither women's or men's characters.

Raking : 3½/5

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