5 Things you'll always find in Nicholas Spark's Movies

"The Best of Me", movie adptation of a Nicholas Sparks' novel is expected to hit the movie theatres on October, 17th in the U.S.
I didn't read the book BUT I did watch a few movies based on Nicholas' works and here I put together 5 things that all of them have in common and could possibly be also in "The Best of Me".


1 In most of the movies a dad dies: with the exception of A Walk to Remember (where is the daughter that dies) Message in a Bottle (where the male protagonists dies) and Safe Haven, in all the others are the dads that pass away. So my question is: dear Nicholas Sparks, what's your problem with fathers?
1) Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller in The Last Song  and 2) Richard Gere as Dr. Paul Flanner in Nights in Rodanthe
3) Richard Jenkins as Mr. Tyree in Dear John + 4) Jay R. Ferguson as Keith Clayton in The Lucky One and 5) Sam Shepard as Frank Calhoun in The Notebook
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2 Kisses under the pouring rain: the most famous and known "under the rain" scene is, of course, from The Notebook, but there are similar scene also in Safe Haven and Dear John. Technically also in Nights in Rodanthe they kiss under the rain, because most of the movie is set during an hurricane. To note that in The Lucky One they kiss under a shower...which is water, so basically it fits the category!
3 The stories are set in North or South Carolina: in North Carolina are set 7 movies: Message in a Bottle, Nights in Rodanthe, The Last Song, A walk to Remember, Safe Haven, Dear John as well as the upcoming movie The Best of Me. In South Carolina is set The Notebook . The only outsider is The Lucky One, that is set in Louisiana!!!!

4 Most of the characters have a house nearby the sea

Nights in Rodanthe, The Last Song,Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember take place on the coast, so it shouldn't surprise much that the protagonists live in a beach house (exception made for A Walk to Remember). In The Notebook Noah and Allie took a canoing trip in a lake as well as in Safe Haven, but Katie and Alex also have a day at the beach too. In Dear John the protagonists met during a day on the beach. The Lucky One starts with Logan finding Beth thanks to a lighthouse on the background of the photo.

5 The female character are the ones who have issues/problems: as a matter of fact, yes! The girls are the troubled ones. Here's a recap! 
The most problematic and unfortunate of all Sparks' female characters is probably Mandy Moore, who has cancer (leukemia). Robin Wright and Diane Lane are divorced and struggle on getting over it. Rachel McAdams is a bit (a lot!!) confused about her feeling, same as Amanda Seyfried, who's even more confuse and in my opinion also a bit naive. Miley Cyrus is agry with her parents and sometimes seems also with the entire world. Then we have Julianne Hough, who is in an abusive relationship and not too far from that there's Taylor Schilling, who has a vendicative ex husband that threaten her of taking away their son.

Did you notice all these similarities or it is just me? Did you saw all these movies and will you go see "The Best of Me"?

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