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                        Lisbon, Portugal

My first travel ever was, according to my parents (I can't remember it, I was less than 2 years old), in Vilamoura, Portugal. I've done some research and it's in south Portugal and from the family photos I've seen it seems to be a pretty nice and fun place....

I'm writing all of this just to say that I've been in Portugal before, but I want to visit a bit more and this time I also want to remember it!

Lisbon, Portugal's capital, overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its original and colorful architectural works. Quite a few people who have been there, described it as a "melancholy, dreamy but serene and calm city". 
So what to do while you're there? Other than going to the beach, which is rather obvious!

Praça do Comércio and King Jose I monument

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Get lost in Baixapart of Lisbon that goes from the banks of the Tagus and get to Avenida da Liberdade                                                                            
the Belém Tower

and if you're into monuments there're also: the Cathedral of Lisbon, Fado museum, Jeronimos monastery and Church of Santa Engrácia.

Take a tour on the legendary nr.28 tram and the elevador!
Lisbona - Funicolare

And now, some random tempting pictures of Lisbon!

Not bad at all, eh?

Other than some tourist guides, you can prepare yourselves to Lisbon with this books&movies:
Night Train to Lisbon (2004) by Pascal Mercier  [In 2013 it became a movie with Jeremy Irons and Mélanie Laurent]
Winter in Lisbon (1999) by Antonio Muñoz Molina
Lisbon Story (1994) by Wim WendersWith Rüdiger VoglerPatrick Bauchau and Joel Ferreira

Song of the Day : Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat.Jee Glynne
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  1. Bello... ma siamo lontani e la meta é più che nota... Spesso le cose più interessanti sono quelle più vicine a noi ed ancora sconosciute. Un suggerimento? Giazza, provincia di Verona. Ci abitano ancora I Cimbri, di lingua tedesca/bavarese, storia lunga e affascinante tra campanili, valli, botteghe che aprono solo mezza giornata e birre artigianali. Magari per il prossimo viaggio...