Movie Review: 300 - Rise Of An Empire

#MovieReviews : 300 - Rise Of An Empire on - Rise of an Empire (2014) by Noam Murro. With Sullivan StapletonEva GreenLena HeadeyRodrigo Santoro, Hans Matheson and Jack O'Connell.

Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel "Xerxes", it's wrote by Zack Snyder (300, Sucker Punch, Man of Steele and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole)

Since I'm a bit goofy, it took me a while to understand where I have already seen one of the Athens' soldiers but somehow I recognized him: he's Jack O'Connell, but some of you may know him thanks to his character in the second generation of Skins, James Cook!!  

He has a pretty huge part in this movie!

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The story takes place almost simultaneously to the events of the first 300 movie. 

During the Battle of Marathon, Themistocles (a Greek soldier, then become a general) kills Dario, king of the Persian army, but spares his son, Xerxes.
He gets back home destroyed by his father's death and, in his precarious emotional state, is influenced and convinced by Artemisia he's some sort of divinity and declares another war against Greek.

Artemisia's the commander of the Persian navy, lethal and very vindictive, she wants to conquer Athens and destroy it because of the abuses she suffered because of 
Greeks soldiers when she was a child, so when it's finally war she takes the imponent naval army and head to Greece...

Themistocles convince all the Greek cities to join in a single army to fight against Xerxes, but not Sparta. However, he goes with his army to defend the coast and protect Greek's freedom and some spectacular battles and naval tactics can start!

If you're fan of Zack Snyder's works, this movie won't disappoint you. And whether if you have been forced from your boyfriend to go see the movie, don't worry! It's almost two hours of really great men shirtless! What can you want more?!

I went to see it because I love Eva Green and I rooted for her, even if she's the villain this time!

Raking : 3¾ / 5

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